Nemria was the story of a team who built and shipped products constantly. We set out a mission to build constantly until we focus on solving one problem that translates to our life and makes impact.

In the this journey we found that problem and started working on it. You can scroll down to see what we've built so far and what we will be working on from now on.


We started our journey to build up our skills and focus on solving one painful problem that can make impact. Best way to do that is by building. So, we started building immediately.

The Beginning


Brig Note allows you to take notes over voice recordings.

Started as a basic note taking app and turned into an essential tool for interviews and lectures. We shipped 3 versions for Brig Note.


Horae is an app that allows you to log your hours. It makes it easy for you to document your life in terms of hours. Horae is the product we worked prior to Nemria. After reailizing our speed we started Nemria.



ExaShape is a memory exercise game we built just for fun. When we first shipped it was really basic, then we added levels and longer time intervals.



Our team has a long history. Kadir and Yusuf started Findhelp and failed. Before Findhelp they have known each other from the first semester of college.

Furkan and Yusuf are cousins. So, they've known each other as they remember their earliest memories.


"Simple choices we make can reduce thousands of kilograms of CO2 emission."

Climate Change was the problem we were seeking. We are only focused on Carbofil now and we devoted ourselves to make an impact to stop Climate Change!